The Volcanics are a high energy, “dance and show combo” from the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California. Their dynamic sound (along with their ever present blue sweaters), draws from a wide variety of influences, including the frenzied double picking sounds of 1960’s Surf, as well as the stompin’ energy of early frat rock and roll.
Cutting their teeth on the live circuit for over 15 years, these men have become fan favorites at any surf stomp. With four albums and multiple EP’s under their belt, they’ve won over hot-rodders, shimmy shakers, and teen twisters around the world. The Volcanic’s latest release, FREAKOUT (available on Hi-Tide Recordings), finds the gang yet again firing up their frantic instruments for another round of their boss signature sound!
Squares beware, if you hang ten on their nose they’ll hang five in your face!
Get ready to SHAKE IT with the band of boys that you love best,

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